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E-Cigarettes and Pregnancy

All nicotine-containing products are a health danger for pregnant women and developing babies

For a pregnant woman, quitting all forms of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, is best for her health and the health of her baby. CDC provides information about e-cigarettes, if they’re safer than regular cigarettes during pregnancy, their role in helping people to quit smoking, and resources for support those who are trying to quit.

WIC staff can use the brochure, Give Your Baby a Healthy Start, to help educate participants on the dangers of smoking, and to promote quitting and the prevention of smoking, as well as using alcohol and other substances, during and after pregnancy. For more smoking cessation resources, refer families to CDC's How to Quit Smokingwhich features the quitSTART app and a text messaging option.

Additional resources on smoking and using other substances can be found on the Substance Use and Medication Safety page, in the Substance Use Prevention: Screening, Education and Referral Resource Guide for Local WIC Agencies, and on the Staff Development Resources - Substance-Exposed Pregnancy Prevention page.

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