The Real Cost of Tobacco - Youth Tobacco Prevention Campaign - Vapes, Cigarettes and Dips

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Warn and inform about the dangers of all tobacco products

FDA's The Real Cost campaign aims to educate at-risk teens about the harmful effects of using tobacco products, including vapes (e-cigarettes), cigarettes and dips. Among the campaign’s resources is a four-video series, "My Vaping Mistake" in which teens share cautionary tales about their e-cigarette addiction.

This campaign also features advertisements, a youth-targeted website, an online, interactive digital activity just for teens that provides must-know facts about e-cigarettes, and materials, such as infographics and prevention posters (in English and Spanish), that you can print and download for free - you can filter materials by topic, audience, language and format.

Check out other other related resources, such as E-cigarettes and Pregnancy, Substance Use and Medication Safety, and Give Your Baby a Healthy Start: Tips for Pregnant Women and New Mothers for use with participants that WIC agencies can download or order for free on the WIC publication ordering page!

FDA Quit Smoking Poster Every Try Counts
Developed by: HHS, Food and Drug Administration