WIC Substance Use Prevention Guide

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Screening, Education, and Referral Resource Guide for Local WIC Agencies

This guide is designed for both State and local agency WIC staff to help integrate alcohol, drug and other harmful substance use-related information and referral elements into their clinic activities. It contains a wealth of available resources and links to access a variety of appropriate educational materials for WIC participants and training materials for WIC staff. This guide also provides customizable forms intended to facilitate education and referral activities for a user-friendly experience. Users can save the new resource guide to a computer/desktop for easy use and reference. Additional related resources can be found here.

In September 2017, FNS added information on FDA's strengthened warning to breastfeeding mothers to avoid taking codeine- and tramadol-containing medicines due to serious adverse reactions in breastfed infants.

Please note: If you have issues using the interactive features of the guide in your browser, save the guide to your computer and open it in Adobe software. If you have questions, please contact the WIC Works Team.

Also available is a substance use prevention brochure for use with participants (click the button to the right) as well as more information about substance use, and medication safety, including treatment locators and tips for finding quality treatment for substance use disorders.

substance use prevention manual
Developed by: USDA, Food and Nutrition Service
Publication date: September 2013