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Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Tools, recipes and tips for healthy eating on a tight budget

Spend Smart. Eat Smart. offers tips, recipes and a number of tools to help people eat healthy while sticking to a tight grocery budget. On this site, you can:

Use an interactive Grocery Budget Calculator to get an estimate based on USDA's Low-Cost Food Plan. (Don't want to leave this site? Scroll down to use the calculator on this page!)

Learn about unit pricing (and download a free app) to help determine the food form and packaging that provides best value.

View videos on a number of topics, such as saving money with unit pricing, planning a menu, getting the best deal on fruits and vegetables and more.

Find aisle by aisle information, videos and handouts for food groups that covers shopping, selecting, and preparing tips; storing and discarding recommendations; how much is needed in a day; and more.

Download a number of resources in English or Spanish including grocery lists, a food expenses tracker, two-page guides for fresh fruit and vegetable that provides tips on selection, storage and preparation, produce available during various months, and other health and nutrition-focused information.

Want more information about what's in season? Check out the Seasonal Produce Guide.

Looking for additional dynamic nutrition education tools? Check out the Interactive Nutrition Fact Label.

Need to inspire your participants and help them get the most of their food packages? Check out the recipes and recipe resources featured on WIC Works.

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