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Interactive Nutrition Facts Label

The Nutrition Facts label is an on-the-spot tool to help consumers make informed food choices that contribute to a healthy diet and lifelong eating habits. Use this interactive Nutrition Facts label (in English or Spanish) to help educate your participants on the label -  what's on it and how to use it. The interactive label provides an overview of key features (e.g., servings per container, serving size, etc.) as well as information for each nutrient (like fiber, added sugars, sodium, and more), including:

What it is
Where it's found
What it does
Health Facts
Action steps for increasing or decreasing the amount you consume

There's also a glossary and 16 downloadable fact sheets.

Want more resources on the new Nutrition Facts label, such as a side-by-side comparison of the new and old label, information on dual column labeling, videos, images, social media posts and more? Check out the resources listed here.

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