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MyPlate: Grains

Make half your grains whole grains

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends making half the grains we consume whole grains. MyPlate, which helps translate dietary guidance principles for consumers, offers information and resources on grains that WIC staff can use to educate participants, including:

  • The difference between whole and refined grains (and a handy list of whole grains)
  • The importance and health benefits of whole grains with a focus on the nutrients they provide (including nutrients particularly important for those who are or may become pregnant)
  • Tips to make half your grains whole grains
  • Recommended daily amounts of grains, as well as daily minimum amounts of whole grains, by age and gender
  • Amounts of foods that count as 1 ounce-equivalent of grains

Within MyPlate Kitchen, you can find and share recipes that focus on whole grains to help participants get more whole grains in their diet. Many of these recipes include WIC foods!

You can also find, download, and share activities on grains and healthy eating in general for younger and older kids within MyPlate Print Materials, such as coloring sheets, Grocery Store Bingo, and Whole Grains Word Scramble, as well as activities using the Start Simple with MyPlate app.

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