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MCH Navigator - Centralized Portal for Continuous Learning in Maternal and Child Health

Resources that translate competency-based knowledge into action

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Navigator is a searchable, web-based resource inventory of learning opportunities that catalogues the content and skills addressed by each training in the collection. It provides assessment tools and learning guides to assist professionals and students in addressing their strengths and weaknesses in leadership competencies and offers access to trainings to address needs.

Users can look for learning opportunities by searching keywords, title, training type (e.g., conference archive, online course, interactive learning tool, video webinar, and more), whether an opportunity is listed as continuing education, and other attributes, as well as by conducting advanced searches from the menu of MCH and Public Health Competencies, such as Communication Skills, Cultural Competency, Critical Thinking, Ethics, Telehealth and many more.

There are four ways to use MCH Navigator resources to address individual or group learning needs:

Self-Directed Learning for those interested in a specific MCH competency or public health topic.

Semi-Structured Learning for those interested in a structured learning experience and who want an introduction or refresher on standard MCH content and topics.

Self-Reflective Learning for those who are unsure of their training needs and want to test their knowledge on MCH leadership competencies. Using the self-assessment, users can map a learning pathway. (Also learn about customized report for groups.)

Fast-Interactive Learning for busy public health professionals - begin learning with just 5-minute microlearning.

Also available are ideas to illustrate how the MCH Navigator can be used individually or in groups for professional development.

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