special project grants

  • training

    Revitalizing Quality Nutrition Services: Washington WIC Fruit and Vegetable Community Partnership Grant (Washington - 2009)

    This project focused on increasing the education of fruit and vegetable consumption for WIC participants. Washington WIC partnered with the Big Bend College Esperanza Even Start Project. The participating families learned about the benefits of fruits and vegetables and were also taught how to prepare home cooked meals which included various fruits and vegetables.

  • project

    Supporting Long-term Breastfeeding With the New WIC Food Packages (You can do It/WIC Can Help) (Vermont - 2009)

    This Vermont intervention program was focused on improving exclusive long-term breastfeeding rates in the state of Vermont, while improving WIC's reputation of being breastfeeding supporters. Social marketing was used in order to promote new breastfeeding food packages and to highlight the mother's needs.
  • NY WIC Retention Promotion Study

    NY WIC Retention Promotion Study: Keep, Reconnect, Thrive (New York - 2010)

    The goal of this study was to identify barriers to retention, and to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies aimed at improving retention in the WIC program beyond one
    year of age for eligible infants. To identify barriers to retention in the WIC program, 21 focus groups were conducted with WIC staff, coordinators, and vendors throughout NYS. A total of 284 focus group participants contributed to discussions about barriers to retention, current strategies used to retain WIC participants, and suggestions for
    increasing WIC participation beyond one year.

    One of the strategies implemented as part of the project was the development of a picture-based foods card, highlighting the variety of choices available through WIC, with category tabs for easy navigation while shopping.
  • Massachusetts WIC Special Project Grant Report

    Massachusetts WIC Enhanced Referral and Family Support Project (Massachusetts - 2011)

    The Massachusetts WIC Enhanced Referral and Family Support Project enabled ten WIC agencies across the Commonwealth to hire half-time Family Support Coordinator(s) (FSC) to help high-need families, with complex life circumstances, find and use community resources they might otherwise not have accessed. Massachusetts WIC conducted a pre-post program evaluation design using the focus groups and surveys of both WIC participants and staff.


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