special project grants

  • project

    Getting to the heart of the matter (Massachusetts - 2007)

    The Massachusetts WIC Nutrition Program developed participant-centered, emotion-based nutrition assessment tools and techniques that resonate with WIC participants and staff, and provide valuable information for nutrition risk assessment and intervention that can be utilized across a variety of WIC clinics, populations and settings.
  • get healthy together

    Get Healthy Together: WIC Staff and Clients Moving Toward Healthier Lifestyles (New Mexico - 2007)

    Get Healthy Together is one of five WIC special project grants supported in 2007 by USDA Food and Nutrition Service as part of the "Fit WIC 2" initiative. The study evaluated the impact of pediatric obesity counseling self-efficacy and client satisfaction associated with the provision of augmented counseling tools, counseling skills training, and a personal wellness promotion for WIC staff in New Mexico.
  • VENA Training

    QWIC LEARN (Local, Efficient, Accessible, Responsive, Nutrition Education): Moving Learning Forward in Pennsylvania (2007)

    This project will create a series of e-Learning modules focused on staff skills in conducting Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA) in the WIC setting. Four modules will be developed to facilitate the delivery of high-quality, consistent staff training across a large geographic area in a cost efficient manner. The e-Learning system will be comprised of highly interactive, multi-media learning modules that focus on developing and measuring competencies and skill rather than content knowledge alone.

  • prepare

    Strengthening WIC Nutrition Assessment Skills: Establishing a Competency-to-Training Framework in a Learning Management System (Iowa - 2007)

    This project will incorporate WIC nutrition assessment competencies and related training activities into an existing online learning management system for local WIC personnel as a strategy to foster self-assessment, provide timely access to key training topics through internal and external online courses and document completed training activities.

    VENA Webinar 2014
    PowerPoint (with notes)

    This training was in follow up to the original VENA guidance that was issued in 2006 and is part of the VENA II Initiative, Bridging the Gap between the Nutrition Assessment and Quality Nutrition Services. The webinar consisted of opening remarks and a history of VENA by Debra Whitford, National WIC Director, as well as a presentation by the IOWA State WIC Program about their 2007 Special Project Grant: Strengthening WIC Nutrition Assessment Skills: Establishing a Competency-to-Training Framework in a Learning Management System. The trainings support SFPD’s efforts to maintain quality nutrition services in the WIC Program.

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