special project grants

This list includes completed projects with final reports and/or materials. See the full list of all awarded special project grants.

Award Year:

  • Healthy Habits

    Revitalizing WIC Nutrition Services in Washington State: Building on our strengths (Washington - 2000)

    Staff training modules were developed that focused on client oriented, behavioral approaches to nutrition education that promoted family meals and physical activity. In addition, the Washington WIC State agency awarded local agency mini-grant projects to increase local capacity to apply public health approaches to develop and sustain community-based nutrition services and chronic disease risk reduction.

  • training

    Revitalizing Quality Nutrition Services by Reinvesting in Staff: Training for WIC Staff (Tennessee - 2000)

    This project focused on staff development and training. WIC staff received: the Franklin Covey self development course; training on a client-oriented, behavioral approach to nutrition education using the stages of change model; and intensive, one-on-one guidance for nutrition staff (via mentors) to help develop facilitator and counseling skills.

  • training

    Revitalizing WIC Nutrition Services through education on Feeding relationships and Parenting Skills (New Mexico - 2000)

    Promoting Healthy Feeding Relationships and Nurturing Parent Practices
    Through this project WIC staff were trained to promote and improve parent's knowledge and skills in forming healthy feeding relationships. The feeding relationship was conceptualized as a metaphor for a healthy parent-child relationship and healthy/positive family functioning. In addition parenting classes were provided to WIC participants using an evidence-based parenting program.

  • Flower

    Cultural Perspectives on Childhood Overweight Among Hispanic WIC Participants in Massachusetts (2001)

    The goal of this project is for the Massachusetts WIC Nutrition Program to provide culturally-sensitive education and to enhance coordination with the medical community and other partners in the promotion of healthy eating behaviors and healthy weights in children, particularly for Dominican and Puerto Rican children.
  • Customer Service

    Project ReNEW (Revitalizing Nutrition Education in the WIC Program) (Connecticut - 2001)

    An interactive training as well as guidebooks for in-person training on customer service issues. Developed by the Connecticut WIC Program.

  • Vegetables

    Improving How WIC Teaches Nutrition: Using Stages of Change Criteria and Critical Thinking Skills to Teach About Vegetables (Iowa - 2001)

  • Report

    A Client Centered Approach to Education for Prevention of Overweight in Children (Missouri - 2002)

    This project presents an approach to reduce overweight and the risk of overweight through nutrition education, targeting mothers and primary caregivers. The Transtheorectical Stages of Change Model is applied to assess family readiness to change and to develop a client-centered approach in order to reduce the incidence of overweight among children in the WIC Program.
  • Guide

    WIC Services in the Medical Home: Improving Early Feeding Practices (Vermont - 2002)

    This project introduces an innovative service delivery model to improve early feeding practices in children. It provides frequent contacts between parents and WIC nutritionists, including the pediatrician, as an active partner in assessing the child’s nutrition needs in an effort to enhance nutrition education to parents.

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