Reinvesting in Staff (Tennessee)
This project focused on staff development and training. WIC staff received: the Franklin Covey self development course; training on a client-oriented, behavioral approach to nutrition education using the stages of change model; and intensive, one-on-one guidance for nutrition staff (via mentors) to help develop facilitator and counseling skills.

Review final report.

Component I, Self-Development of All WIC Staff:

Baseline Assessment Questionnaire [WORD]
Workshop Assessment Questionnaire [WORD]
Six-Month Workshop Evaluation Cover Letter [WORD]
Six-Month Workshop Evaluation Impact Questionnaire [WORD]
Follow-up Postcard Reminder [WORD]
Final Grant Report Questionnaire [WORD]

Component II, Skills Development for Nutrition Staff:

Facilitators of Change, Nutrition/Behavior Counseling Workshop Manual
[Microsoft Word]. Also available in PDF.
Workshop Impact Questionnaire [WORD]

Component III, Reinforcement of Staff Development through Mentoring:

Facilitators of Change Mentoring Workshop Manual
[WORD] Also available in PDF.
Mentoring Workshop Evaluation [WORD]