Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition Pamphlets (Maryland)
This series of pamphlets was developed by the Maryland WIC Program to provide nutrition education to pregnant women both at the beginning of pregnancy and during the exit counseling session.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy [PDF]
This booklet offers pregnant women advice about nutrition, physical activity, health care, safety, and breastfeeding. Also available in Spanish.
Health Tips for New Moms [PDF]
This booklet offers postpartum women information on the five exit counseling topics as well as physical activity and breastfeeding tips. Also available in Spanish.
Availability to States: The Maryland WIC Program will make available to State Agencies, one set of CD’s to reproduce these pamphlets. The CDs are in Quark and Adobe Illustrator, and can only be opened through this software.

For more information contact:
Connie Webster
Office of the Maryland WIC Program
201 West Preston Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201