Tapping into the Power of Influence Materials (Chickasaw Nation)

The Chickasaw Nation WIC program is pleased and excited to share our Influence Project tools, techniques and findings with any interested group.  We experienced significant and impressive behavior change results by implementing many small changes by each WIC staff person.   The tools and techniques work in collaboration with recommended influence training. No one tool or technique should be used alone nor have they been tested as stand-alone tools and techniques.   Therefore, we respectfully request that the tools and techniques be used together as a unit by staff trained in influence principles. 

Breastfeeding Materials
Back to School- Breastfeeding Story [PDF]
Breastfeeding Pledge Card [JPG]
We Choose to Breastfeed Board [PDF]
"How Will I Feed My Baby?" Breastfeeding Quiz [PDF]

"The Five S's" Materials
"Five S's" Stories [PDF]
"Five S's" Tip Card Front and Back [JPG]
The "DUDU" Wrap [PDF]

"Save Your Child's Smile" Materials
Smile Pledge Card [PDF]
Smile Pledge Sign: Square and Round [JPG]
Smile Garden [PDF]