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  • Breastfeeding Social Marketing Campaign

    In 2010 Massachusetts WIC partnered with a social marketing contractor to develop a social marketing campaign to improve partnerships between WIC and the medical community in the promotion and support of breastfeeding as well as to provide breastfeeding messages to families that present WIC as an important part of the health care team.

    The following materials are available:

  • Folic Acid Campaign

    Folic Acid Campaign Posters

    These posters were developed by Massachusetts as part of their Folic Acid Campaign.

  • West Virginia WIC Grassroots Marketing Campaign

    Grassroots Marketing Campaign

    Developed by West Virginia. Community outreach liaisons utilize grassroots marketing strategies to connect and engage with service providers. By conducting in-service trainings, presentations and general face-to-face contact, community liaisons create community buy-in which ultimately improves referral rates from other programs as well as service integration and coordination.

    The following materials are available in PDF:

  • Outreach Materials

    A series of outreach materials developed by the WIC Program of Virginia's Thomas Jefferson Health District.

  • Oregon WIC Outreach Materials

    Series of outreach materials for promoting WIC. Available in multiple languages.

  • West Virginia WIC Social Marketing Campaign

    Social Marketing Campaign

    To complement our transition to emotion-based counseling and VENA, the WV WIC social marketing campaign has adopted a family friendly visual image system. Our tagline "WIC Helps You Help Your Family", is now complimented by an attractive logo. Materials include English and Spanish brochures and posters, a banner display, an outreach materials order form, and newspaper ad.

    Refer to our Grassroots Marketing Campaign for materials to assist in building collaborations and partnerships. The following materials are available in PDF:

  • WIC Advertisement

    WIC Advertisement

    On this Web page from North Carolina you can find a customizable advertisement that can be used to market WIC.

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