Fit Kids = Happy Kids
Fit Kids = Happy Kids is a product of the Southwest Region (SWR) Educating Communities on Healthy Options (ECHO) revitalizing quality nutrition services (RQNS) inititiative. For RQNS the ECHO team (formerly called the SWN Nutrition Services Program Integrity (NSPI) workgroup) developed the "On the Road to Excellence" video teleconferences. The regional effort provided an excellent method of maximizing training opportunities for WIC nutrition educators while leveraging training dollars.

In April 2003, the SWR held their second teleconference, WIC Fit Kids, which focused on preventing childhood obesity. The overwhelming success of this teleconference inspired state agencies within ECHO to contract with Dayle Hales, MS, RD, to "spin" the concepts presented during the teleconference into client-focused and educator-focused training tools. The result is Fit Kids = Happy Kids" "tool kit." View the final report.

Client-Focused Tools:
This flip chart contains client information on one side and on the other side educators will find tips for "starting the conversation" about healthy weight. The flip charts (in either English or Spanish) are designed to reinforce positive eating, activity and TV behaviors, and answer parents' questions about how they can help their children develop health habits. They are available in an 8/12" x 11" for individual counseling and a 16" x 20" size for group presentations. To reinforce the messages, the tool kit also includes Jump for Joy, a children's physical activity and nutrition book, and a poster.

8/12" x 11" Flip Chart
[PDF] - Also available in Spanish.
16" x 20" Flip Chart [PDF] - Also available in Spanish.
Jump for Joy Book [PDF]
Poster [PDF]

Educator-Focused Tools:
The training manual contains six modules to teach and empower staff to begin a conversation with WIC clients on issues of weight.

Cover Art [PDF]
Spine [PDF]
Dividers [PDF]
Introduction [PDF]
Resources [PDF]

Manual slides with notes (PowerPoint presentations):
Research to Practice
Myths and Realities
Healthy Feeding
Be a Person of Influence
Physical Activity
TV-Free Time