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  • Breastfeeding Resources

    Breastfeeding Resources (CA)

    This Web site from California includes handouts, peer counseling training guides, outreach materials and resources for employees.
  • Breastfeeding Resources

    Breastfeeding Resources (NC)

    • This section from North Carolina includes breastfeeding promotion and support materials on the topics of Vitamin D, how to handle expressed milk and promoting a mother-friendly worksite.
    • Breastfeeding Resources
  • Breastfeeding Text Messages Posters

    Breastfeeding Text Message Posters

    These posters were developed by Ohio WIC to provide easy tips and information about breastfeeding. Each version focuses on a specific topic. All files are in JPEG format below:
  • breastfeeding toolkit

    An Expression of Love - Breastfeeding in Unique Foster Care Situations

    A multimedia toolkit was developed by Washington County WIC in Oregon to address the unique situations foster caregivers face when providing mother's milk to infants in their care. Two films were created; one for caregivers and a complimentary film for women unable to parent (those who have lost custody/incarcerated) but are pumping for their babies.

  • formula compare to breastmilk handout

    How Does Formula compare to Breastmilk

    Handouts developed by California WIC.

  • breastfeeding video

    How to support Breastfeeding mothers & families: a simple
    guide for child care providers

    Video created by the Multnomah County WIC Program in Oregon, the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon, and the Indiana Perinatal Network.

  • breastfeeding handout

    Human milk, formula or both: Get the facts!

    This handout developed by Denver Health WIC is given to participants to educate them about choosing to breastfeed and not give formula.
  • bfeedMA

    Mom-Tested Tips for Breastfeeding success

    This handout was developed by Massachusetts to encourage breastfeeding and to provide tips and support for breastfeeding mothers.
  • naturalnutrition

    Natural Nutrition

    This set of breastfeeding materials was developed by South Carolina WIC. Available in English and Spanish.

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