Exceptional Client Service Interactive Training Module (Connecticut)
The Connecticut WIC Program developed this interactive module to supplement customer service training for new local staff and to refresh the skills of existing staff. This self-guided program takes about 45 minutes to complete and covers a number of key customer service concepts and skills. An interpersonal skills inventory can be printed out and completed by the learner to help in identifying strengths as well as areas that need practice and improvement. The module incorporates scenarios based on actual local agency experiences and motivational dialogue to help staff understand the impact of the WIC Program on the lives of the families it serves. A printable certificate of completion is included.

Contact the WIC Works Resource System Team to request an email with a zipped file of the training module.
                                 Print Skills Inventory [PDF]
                            Print Certificate of Completion [PDF]

Customer Service Training Modules developed by Learning Dynamics for the Connecticut WIC Program and presented by certified trainers. Three modules covering a variety of customer service issues and include leaders' guides and workbooks.

Customer Service Module 1 Leader's Guide [WORD]
Customer Service Module 1 Workbook [WORD]

Customer Service Module 2 Leader's Guide [WORD]
Customer Service Module 2 Workbook [WORD]

Customer Service Module 3 Leader's Guide [WORD]
Customer Service Module 3 Workbook [WORD]