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  • Nutrition Care Process

    Applying the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) To The WIC Setting

    Materials developed as part of an effort to adapt NCP for use among high-risk counselors (Registered Dietitians) in the WIC Clinics of Tri-County Health Department in Colorado.
  • Bulletin Boards in a SNAP

    Bulletin Boards in a SNAP

    Bulletin Boards in a SNAP was developed by the Wyoming State Nutrition Action Plan (SNAP) team. The purpose of the project is to communicate consistent nutrition messages through multiple channels in order to reduce the risk of overweight and obesity in Wyoming.

  • Health and Nutrition Lesson Plans

    Health and Nutrition Lesson Plans

    • Various topics available. Developed by California. Lesson plans, along with accompanying handouts, can be downloaded and tailored to meet the needs of participants.

    • Lesson Plans
  • Health and Nutrition Lesson Plans

    Health Bites

    • James Madison University is offering WIC agencies the opportunity to utilize Health Bites, an interactive and educational website covering 23 topics related to health and nutrition, available in both English and Spanish. This website is offered free of charge to WIC agencies so that WIC participants throughout the nation may have access to this valuable resource.  The website includes videos and games to help participants learn about healthy nutrition, physical activity, and other healthy lifestyle choices. Developed by James Madison University in collaboration with the Division of Community Nutrition, Virginia Department of Health, and with funding from the Food and Nutrition Services, U. S. Department of Agriculture.
    • To review the materials (enter w11-11-111 as your WIC family ID.) If you are interested in using these materials, James Madison University will send you a complete installation package that will allow you to customize the website with information about your state and agency. To receive more information or a free copy of the Health Bites website software for installation on your server, contact Laura Brennan at brennaLa@jmu.edu or call 540-435-7991.

    • Visit the Website Here
  • Healthy Lifestyle Toolkit

    Making It work Toolkit

  • Marijuana Safety for Pregnancy

    Marijuana Safety for Pregnant Women and Children

    • After the legalization of marijuana in Colorado a Retail Marijuana Education Team at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment was formed to create educational materials for the public on the known risks of marijuana use and if a person plans to use - how to do so safely & responsibly.

    • Marijuana and Your Baby Fact Sheet [PDF] -  Provides information on the risks of using MJ while pregnant, breastfeeding and caregiving an infant/child.
    • Tips for Parents Fact Sheet [PDF]:  Provides tips on how to talk to children & youth about the risks of marijuana, safe storage if MJ is kept in the home by the parent, how to keep children safe if the parent uses MJ, accidental ingestion and what to do, etc... 

      Marijuana Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Guidance for Colorado Health Care Providers [PDF]  - For local agency WIC staff & health care providers, this document will increase their knowledge level on the risks of MJ use and provide tips on how to start this conversation with participants who use MJ or have questions on this topic.

  • MyPlate for Kids

    MyPlate for Kids

    • MyPlate for kids handout from Massachusetts WIC.

    • Handout [PDF]
  • MyPlate Handouts

    MyPlate Handouts

  • Nutrition Care Process: Success in WIC

    Nutrition Care Process: Success in WIC

    • This slide presentation [PDF] and toolkit [PDF] discuss using the Nutrition Care Process when counseling WIC clients. This information was presented at the National WIC Meeting in 2009 by Anne Bennett, Director of Nutrition Services at Tri-County Health Department, Greenwood Village, CO.
  • Nutrition Education Materials

    Nutrition Education Materials

    • This Web site from Texas includes a collection of fact sheets, handouts, lesson plans and modules that can be used for nutrition education in WIC.

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