WIC Works Sharing Gallery
Fit Kids = Happy Kids 2005
Fit Kids = Happy Kids is a product of the Southwest Region (SWR) Educating Communities on Healthy Options (ECHO) revitalizing quality nutrition services (RQNS) initiative and provides both client-focused and educator-focused tools for preventing childhood obesity and promoting healthy eating and physical activity.
Grandmothers Tea Toolkit 2007
The Illinois State Breastfeeding Task Force in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Public Health's Nutrition and Physical Activity to Prevent Obesity Program designed a Grandmothers Tea tool kit. The kit contains 4 lesson plans with corresponding scenario cards for activities. An 8 minute informational video accompanies the kit providing testimonials from those that have taught the program, grandmother attendees, etc.

Participant Satisfaction Survey Final Report 2008
This report from Utah details the results of their bi-annual participant satisfaction survey. The goal of the survey is to determine the extent of satisfaction among WIC participants receiving WIC services as well as their understanding of those services.

Final Report [PDF]

Water Intoxication 2011
This updated handout was originally developed by Louisiana during the initial WIC food package change to remind parents that adding extra water to stretch out WIC formula allotments is dangerous. Information on signs and symptoms of intoxication is included.

Weigh of Life...Taking Action Together 2005
The goal of this project is for the Massachusetts WIC Nutrition Program to provide culturally-sensitive education and to enhance coordination with the medical community and other partners in the promotion of healthy eating behaviors and healthy weights in children, particularly for Dominican and Puerto Rican children.
WIC and you: Making Healthy Choices Together (2009)
This marketing campaign was developed by Pennsylvania to promote the new food packages. Includes brochure, posters, public service announcements and other advertisements.
WIC Food Package Materials 2007
Materials for vendor and staff training, as well as participant education. Developed by West Virginia.

WIC Nutrition Education: On the Road to Excellence Teleconference 2001
Resources from this 2-day video-teleconference sponsored by the Southwest Region (broadcasted on April 26-27, 2001) are available here.

WIC FIT Kids, A SWR "On the Road to Excellence" Video-Teleconference 2003

WIC Outreach Brochure & Poster 2008
This brochure and poster were developed by Indiana WIC.

Brochure [PDF] - Also available in Spanish.
Poster [PDF] - (English and Spanish)

WIC Participant Food Shopping and Consumption Habits Survey [WORD] 2007
In July-August 2007, California WIC surveyed 3,085 WIC families to learn what foods WIC participants favor and what they would be likely to choose if WIC offered new foods. In most cases, the mother was interviewed, and the responses pertain to 4,559 participants in the families selected. The survey data provide a rich and representative snapshot of current WIC participant food shopping practices, consumption habits and attitudes in a large and diverse state. The data will help inform California WIC’s approach to implementing the new rules and may be useful to other state and local WIC practitioners as they plan for implementation of changes to WIC foods and design nutrition education materials and promotional campaigns for WIC families.

WIC Participant Food Shopping and Consumption Habits Survey Presentation [PDF]

WIC Participant Food Survey Fact Sheet 2008
The North Carolina WIC Program conducted a participant food survey in summer 2008 to enhance development of food policy, vendor management and  nutrition education strategies. Over 1900 women completed the survey and results can be generalized to the entire state. This fact sheet summarizes some key information in simple, easy-to-read language.

Fact Sheet [PDF]

WIC Participant Satisfaction Survey 2008
Utah conducted a survey to determine participant preferences for both old and new food items in the new WIC food package. Also available in Spanish.

Survey English [PDF]

Survey Spanish [PDF]

WIC Participant Satisfaction and Shopping Survey [PDF] 2007
Massachusetts conducted a Participant Satisfaction and Shopping survey in August/September 2007 to determine participant preferences for both old and new food items anticipated in the new WIC food package. The survey was created and administered after the proposed rule, but before the interim rule. The survey results are also available.
WIC Staff Food Shopping and Consumption Habits Survey 2008
In January-March 2008, California WIC Program conducted a statewide survey of local agency WIC staff to learn what foods they purchase and consume, the reasons for their choices, what might influence them to make healthier choices, their opinions about upcoming food package changes, and their preferences for education and training tools and methods to help them implement the changes.  

Survey [WORD]

Presentation [PPT]