WIC Preschool Activity Sheets

The WIC preschool activity sheets are intended for preschool aged WIC participants, in particular 2-4 year olds. These may be used to keep the child occupied while WIC staff perform the WIC nutrition assessment, nutrition education and/or other WIC nutrition services with the parent or caretaker of the child.

These activity sheets include basic preschool skills such as counting, identifying shapes, identifying letters in the alphabet, matching alike items (food), and identifying objects (with emphasis on fruits and vegetables). The materials are available in PDF format in both English and Spanish. They are appropriate for printing in color or black and white by WIC Works Resource System.

If a format other than PDF is needed, email the WIC Works Resource System Team.

Vegetable Names [English]
Vegetable Names [Spanish]

Circle the Vegetable [English]
Circle the Vegetable [Spanish]

Circle the Fruit [English]
Circle the Fruit [Spanish]

Circle the Food Group [English]
Circle the Food Group [Spanish]

Draw a Line to the Food [English]
Draw a Line to the Food [Spanish]

Letter A [English]
Letter A [Spanish]

Letter B [English]
Letter B [Spanish]

Letter C [English]
Letter C [Spanish]

Letter G [English]
Letter G [Spanish]

Same, Not Same [English]
Same, Not Same [Spanish]

Big and Small [English]

Match the Food Group 1[English]

Match the Food Group 2[Spanish]

Which Food Am I?[English]