WIC Outreach Campaign (Alabama)
Alabama WIC's August-Sept. 2010 Summer Outreach Campaign was called "Healthy Foods for a Healthy Future". The campaign was marketed through television (5 major networks, 9 cable), movie theaters (22 total), 87 newspapers, major city transit system, radio (9 large frequency networks) and at all WIC approved stores. Alabama WIC experienced a significant caseload increase at the close of Fiscal year 2010.

Billboard Ads
Placed on 185 billboards statewide

Fireman [JPG]
Nurse [JPG]
Chef [JPG]
Doctor [JPG]

Transit Ad [PDF]
Placed on 34 city transit buses/vans

Newspaper Ad [PDF]
One of the newspaper ads that ran in 87 newspapers statewide

"We are WIC Approved" Window Cling [PDF]

Radio Commerical [.MP3]
60 second radio spot aired on 9 major radio networks

Television Commericals:

Main commercial that ran during the Summer Campaign (August-Sept) 2010 -- Called "Healthy Foods for a Healthy Future!" This 30 second television commercial aired on 5 major networks and 9 cable networks.  It also aired at 22 movie theaters statewide.

Grocery Store
30 second commercial aired on 5 major television networks and 9 cable networks and in 21 theaters statewide in the month of April- May 2010. Since fruits and vegetables were new to WIC in 2010, the focus was on promoting them especially prior to the Summer season.  This was a mini-outreach campaign setting up our larger campaign in August-Sept 2010.