Maryland WIC Train-the-Trainer Program - 2010

  WIC Counseling [PPT]
  1A- Diversity Lesson Plan [WORD]
  1b - Diversity PowerPoint
  1C - Diversity Speaker Answer Sheet [WORD]
  2A - Preventing Child Obesity Physical Activity [PDF]
  2A1 - Physical Activity Spanish [PDF]
  2A2 - Moving Spanish [PDF]
  2A3 - Television Spanish [PDF]
  2B - Preventing Child Obesity - Food [PDF]
  2B1 - Mealtime Spanish [PDF]
  2C - Preventing Child Obesity - Snacks [PDF]
  2C1 - Snacks Spanish [PDF]
  2D - Preventing Child Obesity - Limiting Juice [PDF]
  2D1 - Thirsty Spanish [PDF]
  2E - Preventing Child Obesity - Fast Food [PDF]
  2E1 - Fast Food Spanish [PDF]
  3A - Parenting Lesson Plan [WORD]
  3B - Parenting Tips [WORD]
  3C - Bright Futures Handouts 1 [PDF]
  3D - Positive Parenting Handouts [PDF]
  3E - Bright Futures Handouts 2 [PDF]
  4A - Difficult Situations Lesson Plan [WORD]
  4B - Answer Sheet [WORD]
  4C - Bereavement Resources [WORD]
  4D - Difficult Situations PowerPoint
  5 - Conversation Starters [WORD]
  6A - Picky Eaters Pictures [WORD]
  6B - Picky Eaters Pictures [WORD]
  6B1 - Healthy Weight Gain [WORD]
  6B2 - Healthy Weight Gain Lesson Plan [WORD]
  6B3 - Healthy Weight Gain Foods [WORD]
  6C - Picky Eaters Lesson Plan [WORD]
  6C - Picky Eaters Pictures [WORD]
  Picky Eaters Worksheets [WORD]:
Fresh Fruit
Other Fruit
Healthy Fats
High Protein
Peanut Butter
  7.1 - How to Keep the Doctor on Your Side Lesson Plan [WORD]
  7.2 - 10 Steps: How to Keep the Doctor on Your Side [WORD]
  8A - Distracted Participants PowerPoint
  8B - Distracted Participants Lesson Plan [WORD]