Maryland WIC Train-the-Trainer Program - 2009

  1 - What is Culture [WORD]
  2A - What Interests You? [PDF]
  2B - What Interests You? (Spanish) [PDF]
  2C - Lesson Plan Conversation Starters [WORD]
  2C - What Would You Like to Talk About? [PDF]
  2D - Conversation Starters [WORD]
  2D - What Would You Like to Talk About? (Spanish) [PDF]
  3A - Lesson Plan - Open-Ended Questions [WORD]
  3B - Practice Open-Ended Questions [WORD]
  3C - Examples of Open-Ended Questions [WORD]
  3D - Practice with Probes [WORD]
  3E - The Gift of Affirmation [WORD]
  3F - Affirm, Educate, Thank [WORD]
  4A - Readiness Ruler [WORD]
  4B - Lesson Plan - Assessing Readiness to Change [WORD]
  4C - Assessing Readiness to Change [WORD]
  5A - Ask Permission, Give Suggestions and Let Participant Decide [WORD]
  5B - Replacing Worn Out Tools [WORD]
  5C - Summarize and Express Confidence [WORD]
  6A - Attendance Sheet [WORD]
  6B - Evaluation Form [WORD]
  7 - Self-Review Tool [WORD]
  8 - Three-Step Counseling Strategy [WORD]
  Case Study 1A [WORD]
  Case Study 2A [WORD]
  Case Study 3A [WORD]
  Case Study 4A [WORD]
  Case Stuidy 5A [WORD]
  Decision Maps [PPT]