Fit WIC Baby Behavior Study [PDF]
This project modified existing Fit WIC materials to address issues caregivers face and to evaluate the integration of these materials and messages into WIC sites in California.

The first goal was to determine the feasibility and costs of integrating the modified materials into classrooms and environments of participating WIC sites.

The second goal was to evaluate the impact of modified education on 1) knowledge and attitudes of staff and participant caregivers, 2) breastfeeding duration, 3) formula use, and 4) early or inappropriate solid food introduction.

Final Report

Staff Training Materials
Class Materials
Self-Learning Modules
Data Tools

  Staff Training Materials

Training 1
Presenter Notes
Post Test
Infant States & Cues Worksheet
Case Studies
Name That State Game
Infant States Handout

Training 2
Presenter Notes
Post Test
Sleep Facts
Helping Parents Sleep
Match Game
Case Studies
Warm Up Activity - Handprint
Infant Sleep & Crying Worksheet

Training 3
Presenter Notes
Post Test
Baby Bingo
Scenarios Answers
Role Plays
Assessing Caregiver-Baby Interaction
Cue and Conversation Cards

Training 4
Presenter Notes

  Class Materials

Breastfeeding Class
Poster - English
Spanish - Spanish
Warm-Up Baby Messages - English
Warm-Up Baby Messages - Spanish
Pick a Topic Activity
Idea Cards - English
Idea Cards - Spanish
Baby Pictures
Sleep Cards - English
Sleep Cards - Spanish

Understanding Your Baby Class
Easy Script
Poster - English
Poster - Spanish
Closing Activity Cards - English
Closing Activity Cards - Spanish
Sleep Cycle Cards - English
Sleep Cycle Cards - Spanish
Sleep Cycle Pictures
Sleep Cycle Text

Secrets of Baby Behavior Class
Poster - English
Poster - Spanish
Pre-Printed Handprint
Cards for Sweet Dreams Poster - English
Cards for Sweet Dreams Poster - Spanish


6 Week Calendar
6 Week Calendar Cover
Healthy Sleep - English
Healthy Sleep - Spanish
Understanding Your Baby's Cues - English
Understanding Your Baby's Cues - Spanish
Why Do Babies Cry - English
Why Do Babies Cry - Spanish

Low-Literacy Handouts

Babies Crying - English
Babies Crying - Spanish
Baby Clues - English
Baby Clues - Spanish
Play Time - English
Play Time - Spanish
Sleep - English
Sleep - Spanish

  Self-Learning Modules

Self Learning Modules Protocol
Secrets of Baby Behavior - English
Secrets of Baby Behavior - Spanish
Secrets of Baby Behavior - Quiz
Understanding Your Baby - English
Understanding Your Baby - Spanish
Understanding Your Baby Quiz


Can We Talk
Thank You

  Data Tools

Survey Instructions
Cost Survey
Instructions for Weights
Weight Certificate
Weight Record
Phone Call Form
Pre-Intervention Staff Survey
Post-Intervention Staff Interview
Post-Intervention Staff Survey
Site Visit Form
Supervisor Interview
Supervisor Survey
Prenatal Survey - English
Prenatal Survey - Spanish
Postpartum Survey - English
Postpartum Survey - Spanish