What Incredible Choices Toolkit [PDF]
These handouts were created by Montana to highlight fresh fruits and vegetables which can be purchased with the Montana Fruit and Vegetable Benefit and the Montana Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Benefit.  The Toolkit includes guidance, information, materials and activities for staff to use in promoting fruits and vegetables with their WIC participants. 

What Incredible Choices Toolkit
WIC Staff Activity Materials

  Binder and Spine for Toolkit

Guidance for Staff Using Toolkit

  Staff Facilitated Activity 1- Shopping Smart
  Staff Facilitated Activity 2- Eating More Matters
  Staff Facilitated Activity 3- Sneaky Produce Secrets
  Staff Facilitated Activity 4- Born Learning
  Staff Facilitated Activity 5- Mom to Mom
  Staff Facilitated Activity 6- Market Tours
What Incredible Choices Toolkit
Materials for WIC Participants

  Delicious Ways to Serve Leafy Greens
  Easy Ways to Enjoy Cooking with Kids
  Enjoy a Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables
  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on a Budget
  Putting Fruits and Vegetables on the Menu
  Growing a Simple Family Garden Together
  Helping Kids Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
  Maximize Your Health with Fruits and Vegetables
  Preparing Vegetables with Maximum Flavor
  Raising Children Who Love to Eat Vegetables
  Shopping Smart at Farmers' Markets