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Standard 6. Nutrition Assessment

The State and local agency ensure that staff performs a comprehensive nutrition assessment using Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA) policy and guidance to provide quality nutrition services in a participant-centered framework and to determine program eligibility.
Nutrition assessment is necessary to link collected health and diet information to risk assessment and the delivery of appropriate and personalized nutrition interventions that lead to improved health outcomes. The nutrition assessment obtains and synthesizes relevant and accurate information in order to 1. Assess an applicant's nutrition status, risk(s), capacities, strengths, needs and/or concerns. 2. Design appropriate nutrition education and breastfeeding promotion and support that address a participant’s needs and concerns. (See Standard 7: Nutrition Education) 3. Tailor the food package to address nutrition needs. (See Standard 13: Food Package Prescriptions) 4. Make appropriate referrals. (See Standard 11: Participant Referrals)