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WIC Nutrition Services Standards Self-Assessment

The WIC NSS self-assessment promotes the critical thinking necessary to perform a valuable assessment of the nutrition services a WIC agency provides. WIC State and local agencies are encouraged to use the self-assessment templates and standards as a tool for continuous program improvement. Though using this tool is voluntary, the process of ensuring your Program is delivering quality nutrition services, a fundamental benefit of WIC, starts with first evaluating the services provided.

The self-assessment is not meant to be completed in one, two, or even just a few sittings. Rather, it is meant to assist State and local agencies in their continuous quality improvement activities performed throughout the year that may focus on one or part of a standard. Agencies with their own assessment tool(s) may wish to use the NSS self-assessment to compliment what they are currently using to ensure they assess all areas of the NSS. To access the tool, use the link above to log in or create a new account if you are visiting this site for the first time. Each agency should create only one user name and password so that one self-assessment record exists for the agency.

FAQs on the WIC NSS self-assessment can be found here.