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Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Move More in May

Regular physical activity in childhood is vital to promoting long-lasting health, and for adults, being active every day helps to lower their risk of developing chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Physical activity in childhood and during and after pregnancy also has other important health benefits.  Among the benefits are that it can boost mood, sharpen focus, improve sleep, make labor shorter and recovery faster, and reduce complications related to gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or postpartum depression.


Tools and Education Resources

The Move Your Way® campaign offers a number of resources to educate on and help people increase their activity, such as:


Become an Influencer

Do you or your participants want to be an influencer and help others? CDC offers an opportunity to become an individual influencer through Active People, Healthy Nation℠ to help others reach their goals and support equitable inclusive access.

Why Join?

  • Learn strategies and access resources to help you make your community more active.
  • Be part of a national movement to create resilient, activity-friendly communities.
  • Access tips and resources to help you stay active.


Other education resources include:

Looking for recipes to help families fuel those physical activities? Find easy, budget friendly Meals of the Month recipes to share. 


Move Your Way link: Want to get more physical activity? Build a weekly plan

Muévete a tu manera URL: ¿Quieres hacer más actividad física? Planifica la semana


Updated: March 2022

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