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National WIC Breastfeeding Week

Promote, Support, and Celebrate National WIC Breastfeeding Week

Each year in the first week of August, National WIC Breastfeeding Week is celebrated in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week to promote and support breastfeeding as the best source of nutrition for a baby. Use the resources below to strengthen the capacity for individuals and organizations to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.

new! For this year's National WIC Breastfeeding Week, and to help promote and support breastfeeding all year long, we've added three new features to the WIC Breastfeeding Support website:

In addition, you'll find downloadable resources and materialsvideos, and the WIC Breastfeeding Check-In Tool on the WIC Breastfeeding Support site (not to mention articles to share with participants), there are a number of resources to help WIC staff promote and celebrate breastfeeding this August, and year-round to help meet the Healthy People 2030 Breastfeeding Objectives, which includes increasing the proportion of infants:

  • Exclusively breastfed through six months of age and
  • Breastfed at least two years.


Want to print your own full-sized versions of WIC Breastfeeding Support campaign posters? Send an email to request the design files for sharing with your print team.


2023 Proclamation 

National WIC Breastfeeding Week Infographic

Breastfeeding Reassurance Tips (Interactive PDF)


Did you know?

According to the WIC Breastfeeding Data Local Agency Report, the percentage of breastfed infants has increased every year since FY 2010, reflecting the successful efforts of WIC State and local agencies to continue to provide quality breastfeeding services to WIC participants.

Want to see breastfeeding rates for your State? Check out the report to learn more.


New! Social Media Messages

Over the years, digital conversations have become an important communication tool. It is easy to be a part of the breastfeeding conversation, or start your own, with your participants!

Share breastfeeding-related messages, images, and hashtags on your personal or organization's social media accounts. Find messages (that were developed by WIC State agencies as part of their participation in a grant to implement and evaluate the WIC Breastfeeding Support campaign) by topic: Mom Motivation, Thriving Baby, WIC Resources, Breastfeeding Tips, Family and Friends and Breastfeeding Month. The collection will continue to grow as more messages are added.

Let's get #WICbreastfeeding, #MomMotivation, #WICspeaksBF, #WBW2023 and other hashtags trending!


Themed Breastfeeding Week Observations

​Week 1 (August 1-7): World Breastfeeding Week
          Theme: Enabling Breastfeeding: Making a difference for working parents

Week 2 (August 8-14): Indigenous Milk Medicine Week
          Theme: to be announced...

Week 3 (August 15-21): Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Breastfeeding Week
          Theme: to be announced...

​Week 4 (August 25-31): Black Breastfeeding Week
          Theme: BBW 2023: We Outside! Celebrating Connection & Our Communities

New Week 5 (September 5-11): Lactancia Latina 
          Theme: to be announced...


Breastfeeding Myths in the African-American Community

Myth: African-American women today don’t need to breastfeed.

Find answers to this and other myths and other information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ It’s Only Natural campaign that provides African-American moms the knowledge, help and support they need to breastfeed.


New! Order the Breastfeeding Curriculum online!

The FNS WIC Breastfeeding Curriculum offers an opportunity to learn new skills and refresh what you already know about support and promotion activities. Ready to get started? Order the curriculum on the WIC publications form.   

Additional Resources

Find dozens of resources (many of which are available in Spanish) to assist you with your breastfeeding promotion and support efforts, including a wide range of handouts, trainings, information, and much more. Among these are:


Updated: July 2023

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