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National Fruits and Veggies Month

Make the most of summer produce while it's still available!

September is National Fruits & Veggies Month, an opportunity to bring greater attention to the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. WIC staff can use these resources to help participants maximize their cash-value voucher and remind them that it's not too late to take advantage of summer produce!


Cash Value Vouchers Temporary Benefits Boost

If your state has opted into the temporary CVV increase, your participants may need or want additional resources to help them make the most of the greater benefit. 
The Seasonal Produce Guide, tips for selecting, cooking, and freezing fresh produce, and recipes can offer helpful information and inspiration.


Education Materials and Recipes

Encourage Participants To Explore In-Season Fruits And Veggies 

Many participants can still go to their local Farmers’ Market - let them know about the benefits and how to make the most of Farmers' Markets. Not sure what’s in season, what to look for, or how to use a particular fruit or vegetable? Check out SNAP-Ed’s Seasonal Produce Guide that offers nutrition facts, recipes, shopping and storage tips, and more. Of course, fresh, frozen, canned, and dried produce all count towards fruit and vegetable intake!


Inspire Participants With Recipes

Share recipes of your own, or from resources featured on WIC Works, like the WIC Meals of the Month series that includes recipes from WIC staff. There’s also the Maryland WIC Farmers' Market Cookbook and MyPlate Kitchen, both searchable by ingredients - find recipes like 5 A Day Salad, Avocado Breakfast Bruschetta, and Spicy Okra.


Equip Yourself With Resources

Visit MyPlate to find fruit- and vegetable-specific resources that you can print and share, such as:


Remember Food Safety! 

While there is no evidence that food is associated with spreading the virus that causes COVID-19, safe practices for handling, preparing, eating, and storing food are always recommended - selecting and preparing fruits and vegetables safely is just as important as including them in the diet. WIC Works has many food safety resources for sharing with and educating participants, including ProducePro resources. 


Want to learn more about what states and communities, including WIC Programs, can do to support fruit and vegetable consumption? Download the free 2018 State Action Guides on Fruits and Vegetables.


Updated: February 2022

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