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National Food Safety Education Month

Food safety is always in style

September is National Food Safety Education Month, a great time to explore ways to promote safe food handling and prevent foodborne illnesses. And while there is no evidence that food is associated with spreading the virus that causes COVID-19, safe practices for handling, preparing, eating, and storing food are always recommended (see more about Food and COVID-19). You can use this opportunity to emphasize the importance of food safety principles, such as:


Visit CDC's Food Safety Features for information on food safety basics, staying safe during holidays, and food safety information specific to infants and pregnancy.


Those with a digital presence can further promote National Food Safety Education Month and safe food handling throughout the year by:

The Partnership for Food Safety and Education also provides free resources, including videos (see participant-friendly videos towards the bottom of the page), kids games and activities, and webinars, several offering CPEU credits.

On the WIC Breastfeeding Support site, your moms can find an article on storing and thawing breast milk.





Updated: January 2023

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