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The revised food packages reflect current nutrition science and dietary recommendations; support more effectively the establishment of successful long-term breastfeeding; and provide WIC participants with a wider variety of food, within the parameters of Program resources.

Assorted Bread With Wheat 2 [2006] [c] Image from Whole Grain Calculator

USDA. WIC Works Resource System.

This tool was discontinued in May 2015. Read the explanation here.

infant formula Updated WIC Formula Calculator

Revised for the Final Rule. Web-based tool developed to determine infant formula issuance amounts consistent with WIC regulations. The calculator can be used to determine the issuance of one infant formula product at a time.

USDA recipes graphic What's Cooking - USDA Mixing Bowl

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

A collection of quick, delicious, cost-effective recipes for every type of cook. Recipes support the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate.

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