Share Your WIC Agency Resource

Thank you for considering sharing your resource for posting on the WIC Works Resource System (WWRS) website! Sharing innovative and creative resources for your fellow WIC programs to use, or be inspired by, helps WIC to continually improve and deliver quality services to participants. The types of materials the WWRS seeks to share include:

  • WIC Special Project Grant reports and materials
  • photos
  • video files
  • audio files
  • training tools
  • nutrition education materials
  • lesson plans
  • outreach materials
  • bulletin boards





Examples of file formats that can be submitted include Word, PDF, PPT, Excel, JPG, PNG, and MP4. However, to protect the content integrity of material, converting Word, PPT, and Excel files to PDF is strongly encouraged.

To make sure shared resources can benefit as many WIC agencies and clinics as possible, below are some helpful hints:

Before submitting your resource, please make sure:

  • all content is consistent with WIC regulations, policy, and guidance as well as other federal recommendations and initiatives
  • that it has been reviewed by your State agency (if you are a local agency); include verification
  • that you have permission to share the materials (if developed with a partner organization, university, etc.; include verification
  • all multimedia and office documents (Word, PPT, PDF) are 508-compliant; you can find tutorials, guidance, and checklists on the GSA website, which also offers free technical tools and resources, including free testing tools for 508 compliance. Please note it is much easier to build 508 compliance into your content as you are creating it rather than after the fact; 508-compliance does not apply to photos submitted for bulletin boards, though it does apply to graphics and other images used within documents). Videos should include captions.
  • you include a list of files submitted with descriptions. File names should be short and without spaces.

When submitting a bulletin board, please provide:

  • a clear, high quality photo of the bulletin board
  • a list of all materials needed to make the bulletin board, providing enough specific information that would be helpful for others to recreate it (e.g., hand-drawn items, letters from an art supply store, stencils, etc.)
  • a description of the board’s content (location not necessary) including instructions for creating the bulletin board

You can submit your resource by emailing it to: or via secure upload at In addition to hosting materials, the WWRS team can also link to files posted on WIC State agency websites.