Your Guide to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Nutrition Education

This consumer-focused publication is meant to provide women with information and support to help them breastfeed successfully. It includes the following topics:

  • Why Breastfeeding is Important
  • Finding Information and Support
  • Breastfeeding Myths
  • How Your Milk is Made
  • Learning to Breastfeed
  • Common Challenges
  • Common Questions
  • Breastfeeding a Baby with a Health Problem
  • Breastfeeding and Special Situations
  • Breastfeeding in Public
  • Pumping and Storing Your Milk
  • Going Back to Work
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Handling Stress
  • Weaning Your Baby

The Office on Women's Health also has the It's Only Natural breastfeeding campaign that provides information for African-American women and their families about the health benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby.

cover of Your Guide to Breastfeeding
Developed by: HHS, Office on Women's Health