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WIC Online 2.0: WIC Online with eWIC

Arizona WIC’s Special Project Grant

WIC Online 2.0: WIC Online with eWIC built on Arizona (AZ) WIC’s previous special project grant, Online Group Nutrition Education Sessions (ONEDS), was the first in the nation to implement facilitated nutrition education groups using an online video-conferencing platform. AZ WIC had four main objectives for its WIC Online 2.0 project:

  1. Implement the project thoroughly,

  2. Provide participants with a convenient and satisfactory alternative to in-clinic appointments for secondary education services,

  3. Decrease participants’ travel burden, and

  4. Identify factors associated with staff comfort in facilitating a virtual session.

The project evaluation found that the virtual services were well-received by both participants and staff, and increased convenience for participants relative to in-person services. Unexpectedly, the project infrastructure also helped to sustain WIC service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The final report describes key aspects of the project and AZ WIC’s experience and lessons learned. Materials developed for this project include group curriculum, discussion guides, and training and promotional materials used for the project.

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