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WIC Meals of the Month: Protein Power

Recipes to cook, eat and repeat

WIC Meals of the Month (MOM) is an opportunity for the WIC community to share recipes of their own, or from their favorite resources. This WIC MOM features recipes to help participants vary their protein routines. Protein is an important nutrient for growth and development, and depending on the source, protein foods provide additional nutrients, like iron, vitamin B12, choline, fiber and other vitamins and minerals.

Help your participants harness the power of various protein foods and make the most of the their food packages with recipes from contributors from Maryland and West Virginia (as well as your very own WIC Works team).

Edamame Quinoa Salad

This salad is packed with protein, vitamin C, iron and fiber, and leaves you leftovers for days - a must have for busy days. Don't have quinoa? Substitute brown rice or barley.

Weeknight Tuna Burger

Try this quick and easy recipe to take the stress out of meal prep! Using a protein like canned tuna that's already cooked reduces cook time! Make this wholesome hit a homerun with some vegetable toppings!

Turkey Burgers

Nestle these protein and iron-rich patties between a whole wheat bun and your favorite fixins, or pair with some brown rice* (or other whole grain) and your favorite seasonal veggies for a complete meal (recipe courtesy of West Virginia WIC).

Easy Red Beans and Rice

This twist on a classic is great for a weeknight meal, or to make ahead for a busy weekday meal. Beans are a super food that pack a punch of protein, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients. Add the fiber of brown rice, and this is a vegetarian option that will keep you full without breaking the bank!


Want more? We've also found some recipes from other State agencies and MyPlate. From a breakfast of champions to a power lunch or a delectable dinner, they've got you covered.

DC WIC offers quick and easy recipes for every meal occasion, like Make-Ahead Breakfast Burrito, Wraps Your Way, and Salmon Patties, as well as Chicken Fajitas and a Simple Frittata. 

Minnesota WIC offers a number of recipes featuring tofu and other protein-rich foods.

MyPlate Kitchen offers the ability to search recipes using the vary your protein routine filter. Find recipes like: 

3-Can Chili
Baked Lentils Casserole
Crusty Rice with Tofu and Vegetables

Looking for some lighter fare? How about the Beets, Beans, & Greens salad or the Garden Cannellini Bean Salad, also loaded with potassium!


Other Resources

Delaware WIC offers videos, many of which feature protein foods, like the Fish Dishes and Hearty Bean Soup videos (see the What can I learn? section).

From poaching to microwaving, find egg-cooking tips to help master favorite cooking techniques.

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