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WIC Infant Foods Calculator

A Tool for Using the Rounding Up Methodology

WIC regulations allow State agencies to round up to the next whole container of infant food (infant cereal, fruits, vegetables and meat) when the maximum monthly allowance cannot be issued due to varying container sizes of authorized infant foods.  State agencies that use the rounding up option must issue infant foods in whole containers based on the methodology specified in section 2.6 of the WIC Food Package Policy and Guidance. Additional documents provide further guidance on issuing infant foods using the rounding up methodology and sample calculations.

When using the calculator, select the applicable participant category and infant food container size from the drop-down menus to calculate the monthly container allowance over a 6-month distribution.

A related resource also available is the WIC Infant Formula Calculator, a web-based tool developed to determine infant formula issuance amounts consistent with WIC regulations.


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