WIC Breastfeeding Support Partnership Videos


WIC staff can direct partners to the WIC Breastfeeding Support site that offers a number of resources, including these videos that highlight how programs can partner with WIC and utilize WIC resources to promote and support breastfeeding. Program administrators and health and nutrition coordinators may use this information to build partnerships with WIC to create better breastfeeding policies for mothers and families.

  • Partnering with WIC for Breastfeeding Success highlights WIC's commitment and success in breastfeeding promotion and support, and invites stakeholders and health care professionals to partner with WIC to create a national environment that encourages mothers to breastfeed. The target audience for this video is health care providers, health care organizations, policy makers, and other stakeholders that promote and support breastfeeding.
  • Creating Community Partnerships for WIC Breastfeeding Support highlights collaboration between WIC and non-traditional healthcare community programs (such as home visiting programs, Early Head Start, daycare centers, etc.) which help WIC create an environment that encourages and supports mothers to breastfeed and to increase awareness of how WIC can help programs in their efforts to support breastfeeding mothers. 
WIC Breastfeeding Support Partnership Videos
Developed by: USDA, Food and Nutrition Service