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WIC Breastfeeding Policy and Guidance

This document provides guidance related to implementing certain provisions of WIC regulations that pertain to breastfeeding. FNS Regional Offices and State and local agencies should refer to the complete provisions and requirements for breastfeeding at 7 CFR 246.10 and 246.11.

WIC Food Package Policy and Guidance can be found on the WIC Food Package Policy and Guidance page.  Additional WIC guidance and WIC policies can be found on the FNS public website.

WIC further supports breastfeeding moms through an updated website that uses a stage-based approach focused on their breastfeeding journey, providing information and resources to help moms meet their breastfeeding goals. It also contains many downloadable resources and materials for WIC State and local agencies to share with participants and external partners and is part of USDA's new national breastfeeding campaign WIC Breastfeeding Support Learn Together. Grow Together.





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