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What Do I Do With Mushrooms?

There are few “vegetables” as versatile as the mushroom. Mushrooms adapt well to many cuisine types and recipes, they can be eaten raw or cooked, and they pack a savory umami flavor. And while mushrooms are technically fungi, nutritionally they are similar to a vegetable. Continue reading for more information or jump right to the mushroom-based recipes

Counseling Corner 

Mushrooms, overlooked by some and loved by many, are not only flavorful but are also nutritious. Mushrooms are sources of potassium, vitamin B6, and selenium. Some mushrooms are even a source of vitamin D if exposed to UV light in the growing process. Since not all mushrooms are grown this way, mushrooms that are a source of Vitamin D may have a statement on the label that says “UV-treated” or “rich in Vitamin D.” Check out the Eye on Nutrition series to learn more about these and other nutrients and the Meals of the Month series to find nutrient-specific recipes. 


Are child or adult participants you work with still learning to like mushrooms? Checkout these resources for Picky Eaters. Remember that it can take children (and adults!) many exposures to a food before they may try or like a food, so caregivers can be encouraged to be patient and continue to offer foods even if not liked the first times they are offered. 


Tips & Ideas to Share 

Types of Mushrooms 

  • White button: These are the most common and easily recognizable mushroom. They are versatile and blend well when added to a variety of cuisines. 

  • Crimini: Also known as brown or baby bella mushrooms, crimini is another variety found in many grocery stores. They are similar in size and shape to white mushrooms but have a richer flavor and a firmer texture. 

  • Portabella: These large mushrooms can be grilled whole or sliced and added to pastas or vegetables. They are described as meaty and full of umami flavor, so are often the “star” of a meatless meal. 

  • Shiitake: Less common at the supermarket, shiitakes are often featured in Asian inspired meals. 

  • Oyster: These dense textured mushrooms are named for their unique shape. Their flavor is sometimes described as having notes of seafood like flavor. 


It is not recommended to consume wild mushrooms as many are poisonous and it is difficult to correctly identify wild edible mushrooms. Mushrooms from a grocery store are a safe choice! 


Tips for Getting Started 

  • Choose mushrooms that are dry and firm and avoid ones that have spots or appear slimy. 

  • Store mushrooms in the refrigerator for best quality and use within 3-7 days of purchase. 

  • Clean mushrooms before using by using a soft brush or slightly damp paper towel to brush off the surface. 

  • Don’t freeze raw mushrooms, but cooked mushrooms can be frozen for up to a month. 

Ideas to Try 

  • Chop and mix chopped mushrooms into ground beef or turkey while cooking (see Mushroom Beef Sloppy Joes below). 

  • Slice raw mushrooms and mix into a salad. 

  • Sauté with onions for a quick and easy side dish or sandwich topping. 

  • Remove the mushroom stem and fill the cap with stuffing or chopped veggies (see Simple Stuffed Mushrooms recipe below). 

  • Add to a vegetable stir-fry. 

  • Slice and add as a topping to pizza. 

  • Sauté sliced mushroom to use as a taco filling. 

  • Add to a favorite tomato sauce. 

  • Stir cooked mushrooms into scrambled eggs. 

  • Marinate raw mushrooms in oil, vinegar and favorite spices.  


Asparagus Mushroom Melt (available in Spanish) 

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Mushroom and Kale Fettuccini 

Mushroom Barley Soup (available in Spanish) 

Mushroom Beef Sloppy Joes (available in Spanish) 

Mushroom Bulgur Pilaf (available in Spanish) 

Mushroom Quiche 

Mushroom Stroganoff (available in Spanish) 

Power Bowl 

Rainbow Kebabs 

Sarah’s Green Bean Casserole (available in Spanish) 

Savory Garlicky Oatmeal with Egg 

Simple Sautéed Mushrooms (available in Spanish) 

Stuffed Mushrooms 

Summer Salad (available in Spanish) 

Tofu Bibimbap 

Tofu Miso Soup 

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