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VENA Training Videos

This series of introductory training videos accompanies the recently updated and released Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA) Guidance. These videos are intended to serve as a starting point for familiarizing WIC staff with the VENA process. The accompanying discussion guides for each video can help to spark deeper discussions and encourage in-depth learning. 

VENA is a participant-centered, health outcome-based approach to a WIC nutrition assessment, which is a required and essential part of the WIC program. It is used to determine eligibility, through identifying nutrition risks, and to personalize WIC nutrition services, and is the starting point for designing all WIC nutrition services.

VENA puts the participant's needs and the goal of a healthy outcome at the core of WIC nutrition services. A WIC nutrition assessment using the VENA approach systematically collects and evaluates information elicited from the participant, while at the same time, allows staff to engage the participant in dialogue about her needs and goals of healthy behavior.

Introduction to VENA Training Videos and Discussion Guides

1A Introduction to VENA: Nutrition Assessment in WIC 

This video introduces the role VENA plays in a WIC nutrition assessment. It also details the components of a participant-centered and health outcome-based approach. 


1B Introduction to VENA: A Systemic and Personalized Process 

This video focuses on maintaining flexibility and personalization within a systemic assessment. The video explores fostering partnership with participants using probing questions.  



1C Introduction to VENA: Conducting a WIC Nutrition and Breastfeeding Assessment

The video features role-plays of WIC staff and participants to show how the VENA approach allows WIC staff to systematically collect and evaluate participant information while also engaging the participant in dialogue about their individual needs and goals of healthy behavior.




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