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VENA 101

Job aid for WLOL course: VENA: Connecting the Dots Between Assessment and Intervention

What is VENA?

VENA is a participant-centered, health outcome-based approach to the WIC nutrition assessment, and puts the participant's needs and the goal of a healthy outcome at the core of WIC nutrition services.

VENA Guidance assists WIC State agencies in developing policies and procedures related to the WIC nutrition assessment. The USDA, Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) first issued VENA Guidance in 2006. Since then, State and local agencies have put new approaches into action and discovered more effective strategies to foster participants’ engagement in the WIC appointment and to encourage participants to adopt positive nutrition and physical activity behaviors.

Read more about VENA, and access the guidance right here on WIC works.

This job aid supports the WIC Learning Online course, VENA: Connecting the Dots between Assessment and Intervention, and reviews the key goals of Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment for WIC participants and staff as well as WIC State agencies.

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