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Nutrition Education Program Coordination

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Find upcoming WIC-relevant conferences, webinars, videos, meetings and other learning and education opportunities.


June 1-4, 2020: American Society for Nutrition Foundation, Nutrition 2020 Live Online

July 19-21, 2020: Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Annual Conference

October 17-20, 2020: Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo - FNCE


May 28, 2020The WIC Food Package Change and Child Obesity

🔁Ongoing: USDA, FNS Webinars & Videos

🔁Ongoing: Tune in to Safe Healthcare: A CDC Webinar Series

🔁Ongoing: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Webinar Series

🔁Ongoing: National WIC Association Webinars

🔁Ongoing: Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Webinar Series

🔁Ongoing: Vaccinate Your Family- Immunization Webinar for WIC Staff





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