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Summertime Food Safety

Resources to Help Educate Participants Reduce Risks of Foodborne Illness

The number of people engaging in outdoor activities, including food-related activities, goes up in the summer. So too does the number of people who get sick from food poisoning. Pregnant women and young children are among those at highest risk for foodborne illnesses, making safe food handling particularly important for them.

Check out the resources below that WIC staff can use to educate participants on food safety to help reduce their risk of foodborne illness.

Outdoor Activity-Specific Resources

In addition to summertime food safety, it’s also important to continue practicing other healthy habits, including social distancing, to make sure everyone stays safe when visiting parks and recreational facilities.

General Food Safety Resources 

Also available are CDC social media graphics in English and Spanish and webinars hosted by the Partnership for Food Safety Education, such as Keeping Babies & Toddlers Safe from Foodborne Illness and Health at Risk: Long-Term Health Effects of Foodborne Illness (1.0 CDR CEU offered for each!).

Have a food safety question? Ask USDA is here to help.

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