Snapshot - Infant Food Packages

Food Packages

This chart shows the maximum monthly allowances (MMA) of supplemental foods for infants. These amounts may be adjusted down for an individual participant based on an infant's nutrition needs determined from the nutrition/breastfeeding assessment and in accordance with WIC regulations and WIC Food Package Guidance.


Snapshot of WIC Food Packages for Infants

Maximum Monthly Allowances of Supplemental Foods1


Fully Formula (FF)


Partially (Mostly) Breastfed


Fully Breastfed (BF)


Food Packages I-FF & III-FF

A: 0-3 months

B: 4-5 months

Food Packages II-FF & III-FF

6-11 months

Food Packages I-BF/FF & III-BF/FF

A: 0-1 month

B: 1-3 months

C: 4-5 months

Food Packages II-BF/FF & III-BF/FF

6-11 months

Food Package


0-5 months

Food Package II-BF

6-11 months

WIC Formula

A: 823 fl. oz. reconstituted liquid concentrate

B: 896 fl. oz. reconstituted liquid concentrate 

630 fl. oz. reconstituted liquid concentrate

A: 104 fl. oz. reconstituted powder

B: 388 fl. oz. reconstituted liquid concentrate

C: 460 fl. oz. reconstituted liquid concentrate

315 fl. oz. reconstituted liquid concentrate


Infant cereal


24 oz.


24 oz. 


24 oz.

Infant food fruits and vegetables2


128 oz.


128 oz.


256 oz.

Infant food meat


77.5 oz.

1Refer to the full regulation at e-CFR for the complete provisions and requirements for infant formula and infant foods in the WIC food packages.

2At State agency option, older infants may be issued a cash-value voucher for fresh fruits and vegetables in lieu of a portion of jarred infant foods.

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Developed by: USDA, Food and Nutrition Service
Publication date: April 2014