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Safe To Sleep® Campaign

Create a safe sleep environment for baby, reduce the risk of SIDS

Learning about SIDS and safe sleep for babies is important for all caregivers - parents and anyone else who might care for babies, including family, friends and childcare providers. The Safe to Sleep® campaign (also available in Spanish) focuses on actions caregivers can take that can help keep baby sleeping safely and reduce the risk of SIDS. It offers information and a number of materials to help learn more about SIDS and safe sleep for baby, as well as promote this important topic, such as:

An interactive tool where users can explore the room to see how to create a safe sleep environment.

Fact sheets, such as What Does a Safe Sleep Environment Look Like?

Safe sleep basics that reviews risk factors.

The Dads—Help Baby Sleep Safe infographic (available in Spanish) featuring three key ways can help keep infants safe.

Videos, such as Breastfeed Your Baby to Reduce the Risk of SIDS with an accompanying handout that helps explain the information in the videos, and a ten-minute video, Safe Sleep for Your Baby, that describes ways to reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death and can be ordered (as a DVD) for free.

General outreach as well as outreach geared towards providers, health workers, parents, grandparents, and African American and American Indian/Alaska Native populations.

The campaign also offers downloadable media to help promote safe sleep environments, including web-ready photos, badges and icons, infographics, and high resolutions of selected photos, as well as Myths and Facts about SIDS and FAQs.

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