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Reducing the Risk of Choking in Young Children at Mealtimes

Tip sheet for caregivers, educators, and others

Children under the age of four are at a high risk of choking while eating. Created to help parents, child care providers, WIC and SNAP educators, and others who prepare foods for young children*, this colorful four-page worksheet includes tips on:

Preparing foods to make them easier to chew
Choking hazards to avoid
Ways to model and teach good eating habits

And more!

Download this resource (in English or Spanish) to the right.

*“Young children” refers to children ages 1 to 4 years old who are regularly eating table foods, rather than older infants (~6 months to 1 year) who are transitioning from breast milk or formula to solid foods.

WIC staff can learn more about choking prevention and infant feeding, as well as the sequence of infant developmental skills from birth to 12 months, in the WIC Infant Nutrition and Feeding Guide and through WIC Learning Online courses and accompanying job aids.

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