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Pregnancy Weight Gain Tracker

and steps to help meet pregnancy weight gain goals

Did you know? Recent studies found that most women gained either less or more weight during pregnancy than is recommended.

Gaining more or less than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy can affect both baby and mom in the short and long term. CDC provides weight gain recommendations for women pregnant with one baby as well as twins (women pregnant with triplets or more should talk with their healthcare provider about weight gain goals), suggests action steps for women to help meet their goals, and offers weight gain trackers to monitor progress.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Trackers are available for women who begin their pregnancy underweight, at normal weight, overweight and with obesity for both women pregnant with one baby or twins. Each tracker includes instructions and sample snacks for each trimester.

CDC also offers a BMI Calculator for adults (20 years and older) and children (2 years to 19 years).

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