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Pregnancy and Opioid Pain Medications

WIC’s substance abuse prevention and referral activities are intended to increase participants’ access to information about the dangers of substance use during pregnancy and postpartum, and while breastfeeding due to potential effects of these substances on both the mother and the child. For women who take opioid pain medications, there are a number of possible risks during pregnancy for the unborn baby.

CDC's Pregnancy and Opioid Pain Medications fact sheet outlines such risks and provides advice for women who just found out they are pregnant and for breastfeeding women.

CDC offers several opioid-related resources geared for the general audience, including their Opioid Overdose- Information for Patients page where WIC staff and participants can learn more about opioids, overdose prevention, and how patients can work with their doctor on a safe and effective pain management treatment plan, including:

WIC staff may find it helpful to view and share with their participants some of the videos that are part of CDC's Rx Awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of opioid misuse and addiction. More information and resources on opioid and other medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding can be found:

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