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My Healthfinder

Age and gender-specific recommendations for vaccines and screenings

Use MyHealthfinder below (also available in Spanish) to get personalized recommendations for vaccines and screenings based on age and gender. Click on each recommendation to get more information, or browse the available topics:

Pregnancy that offers tips for staying active during pregnancy, eating healthy, shopping smart and more.

Health Conditions that provides action steps to lower the risk of, or manage, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other diseases.

Doctor visits that covers the importance of vaccines, screening tests, regular checkups, and talking with the doctor as well as questions to ask for a variety of conditions, including preventing gestational diabetes, type 2 diabetes and preeclampsia.

Everyday Healthy Living that gives tips on improving nutrition, getting more physical activity, and mental health, including quitting smoking, managing stress, and talking to a doctor about depression.

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